Dhamma House exists solely on donations from guests and well-wishers. When you visit Dhamma House there is no expectation of donations and guests themselves decide if they wish to donate or not, and if so, how much. There are no fixed rates or prices for staying at Dhamma House. You can stay as long as you want with basic living support from this warm & lovely Dhamma family.

Donations can come in many forms, not just monetary. If you wish to help Dhamma House in any way you see fit, please contact us.

Donation via bank transfer:

Bank: State bank of India, Leh branch
A/c. No: 30582771704
Type: Current A/c
Swift code: SBININBB280

This is our Appeal for supporting the “silent revolution” and making a better world:

In our journey through life, every situation calls for our awakening, but we hardly heed the call due to our constant occupation and restless mind in this 21st century’s new paradigm of consumerism and addictions.

Have we once thought of the meaning and purpose of our existence on this planet? If the whole purpose of our living in this world is to get some professional degree and spend the rest of our time behind the computer or desk, earning a livelihood, getting married and having some children, then I for one feel we haven’t yet explored all our potential to be a true human being. We take so much from people and the nature but what do we give back to the universe? It is very easy to live a selfish life fulfilling one’s material comforts, but to live for others without any expectation is truly fulfilling.

We have enough of monasteries, churches, temples, mosques, etc. and enough of skyscrapers, subways, airports, cars, mega‐factories, Malls, iPad, iphone, mobiles, laptops, computers, probably we have everything that we could imagine to fulfill our senses pleasure.

How much have we invested in understanding who we are, the meaning and purpose of our life and what this life is all about? Are we conscious and living with a purpose, or just living for the sake of living, just because we are alive? All these and more questions can be explored at Dhamma House. Our aim is to help people realize the true meaning and purpose of our life, so that we can live a peaceful life.

Even in Ladakh, though it’s considered to be a peaceful Buddhist kingdom, our upcoming youths are not so happy. They are experiencing the effect of the modernization and consumerism and are faced with the modern day problems of frustrations, stress, depressions and many resorts to suicide.

Join us and help us in our endeavor to help humankind. It’s a wonderful opportunity to donate for a greater cause of humanity. I humbly request all my Dhamma brothers and sisters to help contribute in whatever way you can to help us complete these two projects so that we could keep benefitting many people. I think it’s high time to invest in a true human development program. We look forward to your kind and generous support in creating a better world.

 Mr. Tsewang Norbu Vivek

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