Purpose of Dhamma House?

In our journey through life, every situation calls for our awakening, but we hardly heed the call due to our constant occupation and restless mind in this 21st century’s new paradigm of consumerism and addictions. Have we once thought about the meaning and purpose of our existence on this planet? If the whole purpose of our lives in this world is to get some professional degree and spend the rest of our time behind the computer or desk, earning a livelihood, getting married and having some children, then I for one feel we have not yet explored all our potential to be a true human being. We take so much from people and the nature for granted, but what do we give back to the universe? It is very easy to live a selfish life fulfilling one’s material comforts, but to live for others without any expectation is truly fulfilling.

How much have we invested in understanding who we are, the meaning and purpose of our life, what this life is all about? Are we conscious and living with a purpose, or just living for the sake of living, just because we are alive? All these and more questions can be explored at Dhamma House. Our aim is to help people realize the true meaning and purpose of their life so that we can live a peaceful life.

What is Dhamma House?

Dhamma House is the home of Mr. Tsewang Norbu Vivek (or just Vivek) and his sister Dolma, a devout practicing Buddhist. Both decided to open their home to all those people from around the world who are interested in learning about Buddha’s teachings, spirituality and meditation. In 2004, after coming back from his studies in Myanmar where he did a special study in Buddhism and meditation, he renamed his home and called it Dhamma House, meaning home of the noble teachings of the Buddha or the home of the universal law.

Dhamma House is a small farm house in the Himalaya mountains (Ladakh). Dhamma House is located in Stok Village, about 20 kilometers from Leh. It is the spiritual destination of Open Ladakh’s meditation and spiritual journey’s programs. Dhamma House has plenty of walking space close to the mountains. It is also a home for meditators to do self-retreats or spend some time in quiet and silent spiritual settings close to nature or to discuss personal issues with the teacher. We also have a small collection of Buddhist books.

Vivek is also the founder of Open Ladakh – The alternate travel agency, taking you beyond tourism. If you wish to visit Dhamma House as part of a retreat or spiritual adventure, go to Open Ladakh’s website. Open Ladakh also engages in local humanitarian projects and have an English program for the locals, called Speak Easy.

Dhamma House exists solely on donations from guests and well-wishers. When you visit Dhamma House there is no expectation of donations and guests themselves decide if they wish to donate or not, and if so, how much. There are no fixed rates or prices for staying at Dhamma House. You can stay as long as you want with basic living support from this warm & lovely Dhamma family.

 Why Dhamma House?

Though Ladakh is a Buddhist kingdom with various monasteries, decorated stupas and prayer wheels, there is hardly a place where a westerner or a local could go and seriously learn the basic teachings of Lord Buddha and practice meditation. To fill this gap and to reach out to those who are interested in learning about Bhudda’s teachings, spirituality and meditation, Dhamma House was started.

What are the programs at Dhamma House?

Since 2004, hundreds of people from around the world have stayed at Dhamma house and attended our short introductory retreat on Vipassana Meditation. Many have also attended our two-day workshop on basic Buddhism and meditation and its application in our everyday life. For many, especially the foreign tourist, their journey to Ladakh became a transformative experience. Many went home highly inspired by our teachings. Dhamma house is also home for those who wish to spend some quality time in a peaceful spiritual sanctuary doing self-retreat or just enjoying the peaceful serenity of the Himalayan Mountains. Hundreds of people have so far visited and benefited from our humble basic facility. You can read more about the scheduled programs at Dhamma House on Open Ladakh’s website.

Dhamma house is also the spiritual destination of the International Fellowship of Buddhist Youth Ladakh (IFBYL) a nonprofit youth organization based in Himalaya Ladakh and also a regional member of the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (WFBY) HQ. Bangkok, Thailand.

IFBYL was initiated by Mr. Tsewang Norbu Vivek, with an aim to promote the basic teachings of the Buddha to today’s youth in an understandable simple language. We also engage in various humanitarian activities like visiting the patients in the hospital, old age homes, destitute homes, handicapped children’s home and also sponsoring the higher education to students whose parents lost everything in the August, 2010 flood.

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